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The Three Biggest Causes of Stress… and Why You Are Addicted to Them

Well, it’s that time of year again. The business year is winding down. The holiday season is ramping up. And with just those two dynamics, the potential for stress is about to spike (if it’s not spiking already). God only … Continue reading

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Think You’ve Got Stress?

I have a confession that you probably already know: I’m a horribly inconsistent blogger. But, hopefully, you find my content good enough that when stuff comes out, it’s worth your time to read. Which I’m hoping this post will be … Continue reading

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How to Build – and Destroy – Great Working Relationships

I wrote a guest blog for Nimble on “How to Build – and Destroy – Great Working Relationships” at http://www.nimble.com/blog/how-to-build-and-destroy-great-working-relationships/ I think you will like it… Tim Ohai

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Strategic Execution, Part 3: Plan for Detours

Okay. You know it’s been a while when you have clients, passing you at work, commenting on how long it’s been since your last blog. Doh! No, I did not get lost in the desert. And I won’t bore you … Continue reading

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How to Drive Purpose Into Your Team

(Leaders – this one is for you) Let me begin by saying the workplace is no place for therapy. If you’ve got issues, if you didn’t get hugged enough as a kid, if you still need to work through whatever … Continue reading

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A quick note from South Africa

Greetings from South Africa. I’ve been here teaching entrepreneurship and leadership skills through my charity… http://fb.me/2dkcNN1du  By Tim Ohai

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4 Keys for Developing Yourself as a Leader

Occasionally, I get access to top quality leaders who share their wisdom. Today was one of those days. And I just HAD to share this… Here are my notes from a powerful presentation on developing yourself as a leader. The speaker … Continue reading

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I ranted on Facebook again…

One of the most important factors of driving high performance is the concept of motivation. DUH. Everybody knows that. So this rant is NOT about how to motivate someone. It’s about how to de-motivate them. Demotivation is the exact opposite … Continue reading

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When Your Credibility Sucks…

There seems to be a lack of credibility these days. And it’s actually quite disturbing to me. Whether we are talking about the government, business, or even sports, it is amazing to me how folks think that they can ignore their … Continue reading

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How to Get the Anchor Off Your Neck

I’ve been on my annual pilgrimage the last couple of weeks to my childhood home. Of Hawai’i. I know. During the handful of hours to sleep on the beach contemplate that I have at my disposal, I have been mulling … Continue reading

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