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HeadshotIf you’ve been curious enough to get this far, I suppose I should at least offer some insight into who I am.

In simplest terms, I’m just a guy. I have seen more of the world than most, and I don’t fit most descriptions. But here are a few labels that stand out:

  • Father
  • Widower
  • Proud Celt
  • Proud Hawaiian
  • Co-founder of a charity in Africa
  • Business effectiveness leader
  • Coach
  • Author
  • Speaker
  • Man of faith – and confessed sinner

This site has evolved over the years and is now simply a place to (a) protect my own name as a domain and (b) serve as a platform to continue rambling as I process this thing called Life.

If you are still interested in what I have to say, thank you.

Let’s be the best version of ourselves…

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Tim,

    I’m here in Albania sitting in same table with Owen McManamon who pretend he knows you.
    He were telling me about you and your book. I think that i jave to learn many things from you about sales.
    Hope to contact you!


    1. Ayhan ~

      Owen is one of the best people in the world. I’m jealous that you get to have dinner with him.

      I would be happy to connect with you.

      All the best ~ Tim

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