My blog has moved…

Friends, after being almost completely inactive for two years while working heavily on a special client project, I am reviving my blog!

But not here.

If you would like to follow the journey, please subscribe to my new blog here. You will receive a weekly email from me that covers:

  • My latest blog
  • Links to other people’s blogs that my team and I thought were worth sharing with you
  • Special announcements

For the less adventurous, you may hesitantly explore my new blog at

Personally, I really hope you hit the subscribe link so that we can stay engaged…

I mua. Onward and upward.

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1 Response to My blog has moved…

  1. Marcel Brunel‏ says:

    I love it brother. Just got “all subscribed” and back on the journey with you.

    Three cheers for Saturday mornings with hot coffee.



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