Managing Motivation

High thermometerIf you are someone who is responsible for a high-performing team, check out the full podcast I recorded with Lynn Hidy (@UpYourTeleSales) and Babette Ten Haken (@BabetteTenHaken) – plus some extra thoughts from Babette on her blog about motivation in general.

Here are some highlights from our conversation:

  • What is the definition of motivation? It’s what drives you. It can drive you toward (as in a reward) or away (as in a fear).
  • Instead of focusing on what motivates your people (which can get really complex), focus on what de-motivates your people. Identify those things and get rid of them.
  • The four most common de-motivators are isolation, information overload, task difficulty, and unrealistic expectations.
  • If you’re trying to motivate people, it’s not about changing their drives. It’s about managing the environment that those drives are exercised (which is why you HAVE to understand de-motivation).

Now, there is MUCH more, but at least that should give you enough reason to listen to the podcast.

I mua. Onward and upward.

By Tim Ohai

Published by timohai

Father, widower, leader, sales enablement pro

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